The Magic of Environmental Art: Andy Goldsworthy

This blog covers the inspired work of interior designers the world over…and it answers the question “what makes this house so great?” Because visual art is such an important part of any interior and exterior, we also include the best (though not necessarily the most famous) of the art world. Like Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favorite environmental artists. The eclipse like shape above is his arrangement of leaves called “Rowan Leaves and Berries.” Breathtaking, eh!?

What is environmental art? Environmental art is a sculptural arrangement created from natural elements. The artist uses the earth as his only resource. While a sculptor typically molds clay and chisels rock. An environmental artist arranges leaves, rocks, twigs, icicles, seaweed, sand, bird feathers, lambs wool found stuck to thorny bushes and much much more. While a painter applies color from a tube of oil paint with brushes and a palette knife, the environmental artist finds pigment in soils, autumn leaves and grasses and uses his hands to make the shapes. I first learned about this magical art form when I stumbled across the work of legendary British artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Because weather is constantly changing, this artist takes photographs immediately after a piece is accomplished, knowing full well that the wind will blow it away. Or….the tide will come in. Or….the temperature will warm up and it will melt. “Each work grows, stays, decays. Process and decay are implicit.” says the artist. “Transience in my work reflects what I find in nature.”?Collaborating strictly with nature, it seems that his camera is the one man made cog in the wheel (at least for the less permanent works).

Pebbles Broken and Scraped

Icicle Star (joined with saliva)

Snow Circles

Iris Leaves with Rowan Berries

Autumn Cherry Leaves

Ice Spiral: Treesoul

Is this not absolutely amazing work?

Here are two short videos that you will find fascinating.?Just click on the following links:

Andy Goldsworthy 1987 Grizedale

From Rivers and Tides

There are many books, posters and DVD’s about Andy Goldsworthy. Click here.

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