Morocco Meets Mexico Meets Africa

Fruity luscious colors, yes? It takes some guts to use every bright color in the world in a single house. There’s a way to do it right (and there are many ways to do it wrong). Although we are always drawn to these delicious hues we often wonder “Will I get tired of this? Maybe I should just do beige!” we say. Well, rubbish. If designer?Kathryn Ireland can do it, we can do it too. These rooms are in the designer’s own farmhouse compound in Ojai, California. A little barn. A little bohemian. Scroll down.

All the colors in the house are anchored in this sitting room (witness the charming Moroccan ottomans). You will notice that every room contains every color…and all are set against crisp white walls. The white walls are an important running theme that makes this house into a cohesive whole.

It’s not easy to use such an enormous palette. The trick, when using every color in every room, is to?sometimes emphasize red, sometimes green, sometimes purple, so that each room is different and fresh. “It’s all about layering pattern on pattern” says the designers. “That’s the secret. And don’t go for matchy-matchy-matchy. I say, if it doesn’t go, it goes.”

This rocky archway connects the carriage house to an outside hall where we are greeted by more bounteous color. ?Notice how the designer has used her bright hues in fabrics and accessories only, not walls and floors.

If I was ever depressed I’d come into this room and feast my eyes. (I guess I’ll just have to settle for looking at the picture since I don’t think Kathryn is going to invite me over any time soon). Like many fabrics in this home, much of the bedding is from Ireland’s own collections, with the exception of the large bolster pillow which is made from an antique suzani. Flower photo by Oberto Gili.

I love it when the exterior and the interior reflect eachother. That is truly good design.

Close up of an antique hand made suzani from Uzbekistan. Touches like this add that bohemian look to the farmhouse.

Photos from House Beautiful March 2008.

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