How To Rescue A Couch Destroyed By A Pet – Step by Step DIY

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Here is my 9 year old love seat which has been shredded  to within an inch of its life (on all four corners!)

Charming isn’t it?

Here’s a photo of  The Culprit….Maui. That’s short for Maui Wowie (which I understand is some of the best weed on the planet but….that’s not my thing. I have other vices :-) A friend gave her the name twelve years ago and it stuck.

When she is good 

She is very very good

And when she is bad

She is horrid

Here are my tools to camouflage the shredded corners: sharp scissors and a can of spray adhesive.

Step #1 – Take a seat cushion, flip it to the underside and cut out four pieces the size of the ragged places on your couch. You may have to use a second seat cushion

Step #2 – Spread out some newspaper and place your fabric pieces face down on top.  Spray with spray adhesive lightly according to instructions.

Step #3 – Trim threads from couch. Place each sticky patch carefully over ragged place and press down, making sure that the edges and corners stick. And…..voila!

I was able to squeeze out another year out of this love seat. A few months ago I passed it along to my church and replaced it with a fabulous butterscotch colored faux suede couch with nail heads. Very Snazzy. It has a gorgeous “hand” (feels great to the touch) and is comfy enough for my 6 foot friends to stretch out on. 

I have placed wide pieces of scotch tape around the corners to discourage Maui from scratching.  (if you squint you can see them) So far she does not seem at all interested.

My next challenge is to find a rug that the feline member of the household will not pee on. I’m serious but….I won’t go into the details.

Hope this helps some of you with the same issue.

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