21 Amazing Public Art Installations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

I have a special fascination with public art installations.

The Gates by Christo and Jean Claude (Central Park, New York)

Some of them are so stunning that we are literally rendered speechless….like this floating vision from artist Janet Echelman.

Art can be seen in parks and town squares…

Giant Tap at Technopark Wintertur, Switzerland

 museum courtyards…

Lawrence Argent

 and sides of buildings…

Werner Aisslinger

Ligen mural in South London

even roofs of buildings!

The Headington Shark

Public stairs are a wonderful canvas for  art

Maja Ulrikka Bruun Lausten

via streetartutopia.com

City fountains are unique opportunities for sculpture and reflection. Wouldn’t this colossal mirrored head be amazing to experience in person? We should be sponges. Who knows how it will affect our creativity! Perhaps we’ll find ourselves using more mirrors and reflective materials in our interior design.

Click to watch this amazing  video of David Czerny’s Mirrored Head Fountain in motion!

Check out this huge “bathing beauty” in Hamburg, Germany


Lakes and beaches are magical settings for large scale sculptures.

Daryl Benson

Swarovski Kristallwelten-Wattens. Austria


When I saw this piece I was absolutely stunned. It’s not beautiful….no. But it’s a-MAZ-ing!

1600 Chairs by Doris Salcedo

Imagine seeing this gigantic Mona Lisa in person (here she is as a reclining nude figure)

Seaul, Korea

Or…imagine walking down the street and coming upon this beautiful face covered with vines.

How about walking in a meadow and coming upon an enormous painting of a tree…..strange! wonderful! unexpected!

Myou Ho Lee

Landscape art is a category unto itself. And so stunning. Artists work with trees, leaves, stones, ice and all manner of things. Usually no paint is involved. I suspect this red line was made from some natural red leaves (I’m not sure though).

Nils Udo

Any and all materials are used to create public art installations. Shiney glass spheres stack against rough concrete steps…..

Hiromi Masuda

Even knitted tree sweaters in rainbow colors of yarn. 

Public art can be seen wherever artists wish to gift us. And these pieces are gifts indeed. They make us smile and laugh. They mesmerize us. It’s eye candy on steroids from the mind of creative geniuses.

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