Interior Design: Your Sanctuary is Different From Everyone Else’s Sanctuary

Hello Design Junkies! This is the unveiling of the new name and the new look for this blog. (Yes, it’s been up for awhile but it’s finally complete). I’m calling it Sanctuary & Style because it’s all about your individual style and what feels like a sanctuary to you.

Victoria Hagan

One person’s sanctuary may be another person’s misery….depending upon what you love most. But there is a way to make what you love most look absolutely fabulous! In my Online Design business I work with clients to establish their own individual special and unique Design Signature.

How do we get to your Design Signature? So-o-o many ways….but simple ones. It has to do with what turns you on. What makes you smile. And then building on that to find your style.  Do you love pattern and florals? If so, go for it big time. Make it dramatic.


Do you prefer a tailored room? There’s nothing more beautiful if you take it to the “Nth degree.”


There are good ways to express you style and there are not-so-good ways to express your style.

Combining elements is so important. What colors do you love to see together? Whatever they are…use them in the most glorious way possible! (I can help you with that if you’re stuck).

Important question: What elements do you HAVE TO work with? What elements CAN”T CHANGE? Is it an installed carpet that you have to work around?  Is it the ugly tile in the bathroom? There are ways to make it all work.

Why do we want to create a sanctuary? Because it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise your spirits. We need all the help we can get….right? Living in a ho-hum house is depressing. Living in beauty can change our lives.


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