How To Have A Spiritual Approach to Interior Design

I recently renamed this blog Sanctuary & Style for one big reason. I believe that living in a home that suits your individual taste (therefore it’s your sanctuary) will bring you untold joy, comfort and strength. On the other hand, living in an unpretty home can cause stress, anxiety and depression. It is so-o-o important to make interior design part of your spiritual practice

Williams Sonoma Home

So….how do we get to that “sanctuary”…in a spiritual way? We engage our creative spirit.  We find our unique “design signature” by opening our hearts and listening to that ever present gut feeling for guidance (this takes practice sometimes…..)

#1  Tap into your body and REALIZE what makes you happy.

Do you love earth tones or do you prefer clear crisp colors? Do you love a sleek modern interior…or do you feel more comfortable with traditional furnishings?  When you can identify what turns you on and makes you excited, by all means use it in your home. Design magazines help us to find that happy place.

Castro Studio

#2 Tell  YOUR  OWN STORY with your design.

This is what makes you unique and authentic. Don’t create a space that looks like the local furniture store. Make it personal.  The person who lives in this bedroom adores the color coral with blue, is enchanted by the dramatic oversized art, and appreciates a crisp white bed. There’s a “story” here that allows me to connect with her in a personal way.


Try something new. When I work with clients online we sweep away the “afraid to try that” attitudes and step out in a bold way. This is the path to an inspiring interior.

Montana Reclaimed Lumber


Most of us know that how we treat our body affects our mind.  And visa versa….the thoughts we think affect our body. See your house or apartment as a whole. What you do in one room affects the next room. Make sure there are common design threads that wind though your home so that the rooms “talk to each other.”

Frederick and Frederick Architects

#5  Be happy with GOOD ENOUGH

While it’s important to have a vision, it’s also important to relax and be good to yourself. This takes the pressure off. Savor the delicious flavor of the room as it changes.

Urrutia Design

RELEASE YOUR INNER DESIGNER. You have a designer inside who is waiting to come out fully. If you need help, I would love to work with you one-on-one. Find out more about my 30 Day Design Coaching Program here. It will  jumpstart your interior design and teach you a whole new way to look at your home.


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