Designing at age 7

When she was a mere pipsqueak, she entertained herself by rearranging the furniture in her bedroom. She found that she loved the variety and visual stimulation. This led to styling and making arrangements (her mother was very patient!). She noticed how the creation of beauty in her surroundings made her feel wonderful. As an adult, with the understanding that a beautiful environment has a profound affect on human emotions, she decided to make this her contribution to the world.

Design as a spiritual practice

Saffronia chose interior design because she wanted to help others feel happier in their home and in their life. She believes that when we surround ourselves with beauty we become more confident, more productive and more loving.

Art, color and composition

Saffronia Baldwin has been a professional in the world of design for over 25 years. After a first career as an advertising writer in New York City, she attended Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles which launched her career as a graphic designer. Working passionately with color and composition led her to transition into a third career in interior design, where she and her team apply their skills and vision to the three-dimensional world. Saffronia Baldwin Interior Design was launched in 1998.

Creating effortless continuity

Saffronia is best known for her ability to create effortless continuity throughout a space. A room is never created all by itself?it must converse with the adjacent rooms, the whole house, architecture of the building and surrounding property. This holistic approach is often expressed through the striking use of a continuous color palette, as well as unique combinations of furniture, accessories and empty space. To learn more about Saffronia Baldwin’s signature design approach visit her interior design blog.

Open dialogue with clients

To achieve a beautiful result for each project, Saffronia’s primary focus is maintaining an open dialogue with clients as well as collaborating with a large network of experienced craft and trades people, architects and building contractors.

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