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How To Have A Spiritual Approach to Interior Design

I recently renamed this blog Sanctuary & Style for one big reason. I believe that living in a home that suits your individual taste (therefore it’s your sanctuary) will bring you untold joy, comfort and strength. On the other hand, living in an unpretty home can cause stress, anxiety and depression. It is so-o-o important to make interior design part of your spiritual practice

Williams Sonoma Home

So….how do we get to that “sanctuary”…in a spiritual way? We engage our creative spirit.  We find our unique “design signature” by opening our hearts and listening to that ever present gut feeling for guidance (this takes practice sometimes…..)

#1  Tap into your body and REALIZE what makes you happy.

Do you love earth tones or do you prefer clear crisp colors? Do you love a sleek modern interior…or do you feel more comfortable with traditional furnishings?  When you can identify what turns you on and makes you excited, by all means use it in your home. Design magazines help us to find that happy place.

Castro Studio

#2 Tell  YOUR  OWN STORY with your design.

This is what makes you unique and authentic. Don’t create a space that looks like the local furniture store. Make it personal.  The person who lives in this bedroom adores the color coral with blue, is enchanted by the dramatic oversized art, and appreciates a crisp white bed. There’s a “story” here that allows me to connect with her in a personal way.


Try something new. When I work with clients online we sweep away the “afraid to try that” attitudes and step out in a bold way. This is the path to an inspiring interior.

Montana Reclaimed Lumber


Most of us know that how we treat our body affects our mind.  And visa versa….the thoughts we think affect our body. See your house or apartment as a whole. What you do in one room affects the next room. Make sure there are common design threads that wind though your home so that the rooms “talk to each other.”

Frederick and Frederick Architects

#5  Be happy with GOOD ENOUGH

While it’s important to have a vision, it’s also important to relax and be good to yourself. This takes the pressure off. Savor the delicious flavor of the room as it changes.

Urrutia Design

RELEASE YOUR INNER DESIGNER. You have a designer inside who is waiting to come out fully. If you need help, I would love to work with you one-on-one. Find out more about my 30 Day Design Coaching Program here. It will  jumpstart your interior design and teach you a whole new way to look at your home.


Interior Design: Your Sanctuary is Different from Everyone Else’s Sanctuary

How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Sanctuary

25 Amazing DIY Projects That Look Really Professional

….and may require some skill.  I admire you Design Junkies out there who take on projects with enthusiasm and vigor. So…I did some major net surfing and found some amazing  projects to show you. You might want to try one or two.

Concrete Wood Planks for your patio


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Interior Design: Your Sanctuary is Different From Everyone Else’s Sanctuary

Hello Design Junkies! This is the unveiling of the new name and the new look for this blog. (Yes, it’s been up for awhile but it’s finally complete). I’m calling it Sanctuary & Style because it’s all about your individual style and what feels like a sanctuary to you.

Victoria Hagan

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Design As A Spiritual Practice



I’m coming clean, my dear Design Junkies. I’m going to tell you the real reason I love beautiful interior design. It’s not because I want to impress people.  It’s not because I want to look like an expert. It’s not because I like to boss people around. It’s not because I like to collect “stuff.”  The real reason is because it’s good medicine. Good design heals.

When I see white flowers I feel good


I learned early in life that when things look good it makes me feel good. I was less than 7 years old when I started rearranging things in my bedroom. When I was big enough to push furniture round I would slide my bed to the other side of the room. I remember clearly how renewed and refreshed I felt. When I hung a pretty picture on the wall I kept looking at it over and over with delight and pleasure. Little did I know that I was giving myself good juju.

Luxurious bedding makes me feel good.


One of my spiritual teachers (Abraham) has taught me that my feelings are my highest guidance. It’s called our “Emotional Guidance System” We humans were created with a barometer….our feelings. Our feelings guide us constantly….without ceasing.  Some believe the feelings come from a Higher Power. I am one of those people. My announcing this I risk the loss of some of my readers…however, I have a hunch that most of you know that this idea exists between the lines of my teaching.

I love the crisp contrast of  blue and white. It makes me feel good.


Our environment….our house….our clothes…our surroundings….have the power to depress our elevate our spirits. It’s a powerful tool that we can use to reduce stress.  It can take the edge off our worries and fill us with confidence and optimism.

I love a secret hideaway. It draws me like a magnet.


I often sign off my blog with these words. It is the core of my belief. It is my message. My artist’s group has been encouraging me to make this statement more strongly in my writing and design coaching…to become more authentic about this spiritual side of my design work. This way I will attract people who resonate with this message.

I love a pretty and organized work space. It motivates me.


but I’m certain I can lead you to it. Get in touch with your inner designer. And, by the way, your inner designer has great taste! Perhaps you haven’t met her (him) yet. I have guided hundreds of people to their “feel good place” through interior design. I encourage you to meet your inner designer and discover your unique type of beauty.

There’s no end to the delight that an artful gallery wall gives me.


and don’t let anyone ever tell you there is. My years of design experience has installed a huge “design reference library” in my imagination. I am confident that somewhere in there are several solutions for you.

I adore draped fabric. It’s so romantic.


Yes I am a true Design Junkie. I love feeling good. Beauty is my drug of choice 

Subtle lighting makes me feel peaceful.


I love my soft buttery leather jacket.


It’s necessary to live with the colors you love.

If you’re crazy about lime green, living with it will raise your vibration.

If black,white and red excites you, it will empower you to live with it.

If earthtones inspire you it is vital to have them in your world


Surround yourself with the things you love


I don’t mean to be simplistic about the process. Sometimes we do get stumped even if we already have some things in our house that make us feel good. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what will go with it and what to do next.  That’s when my Online Design Coaching program is your next best step.

5-Day One-on-One Design Coaching (focuses on one room) only $99

30-Day One-on-One Design Coaching (pulls your whole house together) only $497

Walk in beauty…it will change your life!

Images: via Centsational Girl, Craig Denis, JMA, Aanthony Antine,Myra Hoefer, Eileen Fisher

4 Favorite Home Decor Websites for the Special Quirky Stuff That Adds Character To Your House

As an Online Design Coach I have a chance to do a LOT of home decor shopping and selecting on the internet for my clients. In fact, I might ever so modestly say that I am becoming an expert finder-of-great-stuff.   This post is a taste of what’s out there. While there are so many wonderful things to be purchased online, some are not so wonderful. The challenge for many people is to combine it right with your other stuff. When those combinations are just right we Design Junkies are so very happy…are we not?

Following are four favorite websites that feature strange and wonderful things that you will not find anywhere else. (Please note that these links are time sensitive so if you are reading this blog post way after it was written these items may no longer be available). Let’s take a look……


Chevron pillows are easy to find but not in this great color combination.

Adras Ikat Pillow in Caravan – 20″ – $100

Zebra prints are forever popular but hard to find in brown. The drum shade is very up-to-date.

Kenya Oval Lamp in Brown Zebra – 28″ high – $300

Unusual and ever-so-useful side tables. I’ve never seen the likes of these.

Spiral Tables – Set of 2 – $200

Not quirky – just a great looking chair with a great price.

Nicole Chair in Chocolate – feather/down fill – $699

For over 200 great home decorating websites, get yourself a copy of my 22 page ebook Home Decor 200 for only $19

Beautiful large 3-piece painting makes a fantastic focal point in a blue or green color scheme.

Organic Lily Pads Triptych – each piece 20″ x 30″ – $219

Elegant bookends that would work as sculptures too. So gorgeous!

Mid Century Ram Head Bookends $389

So much movement in this rustic horse statue.

Galloping Horse Objet – 14″ high –  $30

This huge botanical tapestry would complement a nature oriented space.

Folio I Tapestry – 52″ x 36″ – $399


This unusual chest looks custom made. How cool is that drawer lining!?


Mila Chest – 34.5″H x 48″W x 20″D – $713

This metallic table is really a head turner

Kendall Accent Table – 26″H – $415.95

Large and unusual antiqued mirror

Rothes Wall Mirror – 40″ diameter – $300.95

Whimsical table and I can’t believe the great price!

Large Solace Accent Table – 25″H x 30″D – $302.95 !

 Wonderful graphic pouf – Get a pair of them for under the coffee table.

Soho Dhurrie Cube Pouf – 18″ square – $199

Great lamp if you like the industrial look

Industrial Table Lamp with Articulated Arm – $369

Quirky table would go nicely in a traditional/country entry hall.

Blue Scroll Legs Console Table – 29″H x 41″W x 15.75D – $375

Beautifully glazed lamp. I would lightly  tea stain the shade to blend with the base.

Glazed Ceramic ring Table Lamp – 24.75″H – $199

Eye catching pillow for a blue/yellow/tan palette on a bed or sofa.

Curiosity Butterfly Pillow – 17″ x 24″ – $199

For over 200 great home decorating websites, get yourself a copy of my 22 page illustrated ebook Home Decor 200 for only $19

How To Rescue A Couch Destroyed By A Pet – Step by Step DIY

Check out our affordable  Online Design Coaching Programs

30-Days One-on-One for your whole house

5-Days One-on-One for one room

Here is my 9 year old love seat which has been shredded  to within an inch of its life (on all four corners!)

Charming isn’t it?

Here’s a photo of  The Culprit….Maui. That’s short for Maui Wowie (which I understand is some of the best weed on the planet but….that’s not my thing. I have other vices :-) A friend gave her the name twelve years ago and it stuck.

When she is good 

She is very very good

And when she is bad

She is horrid

Here are my tools to camouflage the shredded corners: sharp scissors and a can of spray adhesive.

Step #1 – Take a seat cushion, flip it to the underside and cut out four pieces the size of the ragged places on your couch. You may have to use a second seat cushion

Step #2 – Spread out some newspaper and place your fabric pieces face down on top.  Spray with spray adhesive lightly according to instructions.

Step #3 – Trim threads from couch. Place each sticky patch carefully over ragged place and press down, making sure that the edges and corners stick. And…..voila!

I was able to squeeze out another year out of this love seat. A few months ago I passed it along to my church and replaced it with a fabulous butterscotch colored faux suede couch with nail heads. Very Snazzy. It has a gorgeous “hand” (feels great to the touch) and is comfy enough for my 6 foot friends to stretch out on. 

I have placed wide pieces of scotch tape around the corners to discourage Maui from scratching.  (if you squint you can see them) So far she does not seem at all interested.

My next challenge is to find a rug that the feline member of the household will not pee on. I’m serious but….I won’t go into the details.

Hope this helps some of you with the same issue.