Kickstart your interior design projects and discover your Unique Design Signature while you’re doing it.

Saffronia Baldwin – Your Interior Design Coach

This program is created especially for people who like to do their own interior design, but could use some professional help to set their compass.

Is this you?  Have you gotten stuck and need help?

I know you….you’re the one with the good designer’s eye.

But you are experiencing temporary design paralysis.

Do you like parts of your home but have problem areas that bother you?

Have you run out of ideas and don’t know where to turn?

Are you nervous about spending money and then regretting your choices?

If so, this program is for you!

Do you dream about living in a beautiful space?

Our 30 Day program gives you a clear vision.

When our time together is complete you will automatically know where to start and what to do next.

This program is NOT A CLASS.  It is personalized just for you and with you.

Best of all, it is the most affordable way to work with a designer you trust for a fraction of the usual cost.

Ever wish you had an interior designer to hold your hand, answer all of your questions, help you pick out paint color, choose the right sofa, find solutions for problems, create a floor plan? Well, now you do (virtually!).

This revolutionary program is for you if you want to do your own interior design (without a designer!) but need a vision and a kick start.

Why is this 30 Day Design Coaching program such a revolutionary service?  Most professional designers charge between $85 and $200 per hour and you work with them long term over several months. But with digital photos, the power of the internet, and weekly one-on-one phone consultations, you can save thousands of dollars and avoid rookie design errors.

This is a smart way to create the home of your dreams.

What you will take away from this 30 Day Program

  1. The easiest ways create an overall design master plan for your home
  2. Why your rooms need to talk to one another
  3. 6 design strategies that good design professionals use
  4. How and why to create continuity in your home
  5. Concise  and easy to understand decorating ideas
  6. Product recommendations customized to your budget and lifestyle
  7. The 5 easiest ways to create a color scheme
  8. 8 ways to add dramatic features to your home
  9. How to avoid costly mistakes
  10. Why graceful transitions from room to room are the key to great design
  11. Shortcuts used by all professionals worth their salt
  12. How to avoid the most common design mistakes

Do you know what you like when you see it, but don’t know how to get there from here?

It’s time to eliminate guesswork… wasted time…and complete those incomplete projects.

Because I respect your inner designer, I promise to get started at your level. You may already be on your way to creating a beautiful home but got stuck. Wherever you are right now, that’s where we pick up the ball and run with it.

What clients are saying about this 30-day Program

“I recently completed Saffronia’s 30 Day Design Coaching Program and found it HUGELY HELPFUL. It was wonderful to have her input and guidance as we (virtually) walked through every space in the house. She provided multiple solutions to all of our house dilemmas, and I came away from the program with a plan that I could implement at my own pace. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Susan W. – Seattle

“I knew what I liked but had no idea how to get there. Saffronia helped me to define my ultimate goals and guided me to the point where I could visualize what I wanted. Then she showed me how to create it. She helped me define color, space relationships and comfort. The end result is that I now have a complete plan which I will follow in phases. This would not have happened without Saffronia!”

Ed S. – Banbridge Island

“We can’t thank Saffronia enough for her help. She gave us ideas we never would have thought of and saved us money in the long run because we avoided many mistakes. She taught me how to design my home and gave me the confidence and tools to do so. We owe so much to her.”

Jill B. – Normandy Beach

“Saffronia saved our marriage during the remodel. I never would have thought I could afford a designer, but Saffronia’s Design Coaching program made it possible. She worked arounds our needs, was flexible and helped make our visions a reality.”

Piete E. – Seattle


Bring a professional designer’s eye into your home for 30 days

Jump start your interior design. If you are designing your own home it can be risky to take the journey along….at least at first. Avoid the common money traps that occur for most homeowners. You will learn how to create a simple plan so that you can move forward with confidence.

Eliminate frustration and uncertainty

Do you have design paralysis? Design coaching will transform the way you look at your home. You will see how important continuity is and how to create it so that your house flows from room to room….something professionals do all the time.

Get a jump start with a pro.

Gain access to my 15 years of interior design experience working with clients and teaching design junkies of all kinds. Insider tips, short cuts and design techniques will be yours and soon you will be designing your home like a pro.

Complete your half-finished projects.

I understand….believe me.  The decision about what to do next just hasn’t come to you yet. You’re not excited about seeing it complete because you can’t visualize it in your mind. 30 days with me will eliminate your indecision and supply beautiful solutions.

You can live anywhere to do this program because it is virtual.

I will need about 4 digital photos of each room or area in your home you want help with. We will create a beautiful design plan and identify mistakes before they happen.

Turn your most challenging stressful projects into a fun and satisfaction

Many design coaching clients have told me that I make the design process seem easy. In truth, it is not difficult. You will learn to TAP INTO YOUR INNER DESIGNER. I will hold your hand as you are guided to create a home that makes you truly happy.

Your total investment is only $497

Affordable and worth it! Saffronia will provide you with the information you want and the answers you need to create that fantastic home you’ve always wanted. This could save you thousands of dollars worth of  bad purchase mistakes alone.

Get started now

Once you sign up, an email will arrive in your inbox. (Please make sure to check your spam folder). This will start our process together and schedule our first phone conversation.

Still not convinced? Contact me and let me answer your questions.

I would love to address your concerns and hammer out the details with you.

Online home decor shopping goes mainstream but…there’s a problem

It’s confusing isn’t it? The huge increase in the amount of websites, catalogs and design shows have given homeowners access to products that were once only available through interior designers. Yet if you’re like most homeowners you were never taught HOW to shop and buy the right way.

  • Create the look you see in your favorite design magazine…or better
  • Learn how to “work around” what you already have (and can’t change)
  • Tie it all together with a cohesive look
  • Learn how and where to shop online.

What you will get with our 30-Day One-on-One Design Coaching Program:

  • A complete Design Master Plan for your home and a step by step formula to carry it out with confidence.
  • Solutions for trouble spots in your home
  • Up to 60 minutes of telephone consultation
  • Unlimited email access for 30 days
  • BONUS –  Saffronia Baldwin’s exclusive Home Decor 200 Online Shopper’s Guide ($29 value) sent to your inbox for free
  • The pride of knowing that you did it yourself

Our Design Coaching Program is the affordable smart way to receive personalized design counseling  just for you and only you. You are not in a seminar or webinar sharing the time with other people. It’s just you and me. You have my complete and total attention.

Get started now!

As soon as you sign up you will receive an email from me and we’ll plan our start date.

This is a perfect short term program for the perplexed homeowner. Is that you?

Until then. Walk in beauty…it will change your life.